Monks Cafe Philadelphia

Best of Philly 2014 – Food & Drink Edition

Philly Magazine just came out with the Best of Philly 2014 list;…
July 24, 2014/by Tyler J. Morrison

BuzzFeed Got Philadelphia All Wrong! We’ve Straightened Them Out.

BuzzFeed, Seriously? We have to admit, most of what we see…
July 19, 2014/by Tyler J. Morrison
Spruce Street Harbor Park

The Battle of the Pop-Up Beer Gardens

Many people ask: “What is a pop-up beer garden?” Well, the…
July 15, 2014/by Tyler J. Morrison
March Center City Philadelphia Real Estate Statistics

March Center City Philadelphia Real Estate Statistics

To view Center City Philadelphia real estate statistics for March…
April 11, 2014/by Tyler J. Morrison
Morgans Pier Philadelphia

Our Favorite Outdoor Bar In Philadelphia Is…

Well, that's an impossible question to answer, but we do…
April 11, 2014/by Tyler J. Morrison
130 S. 18th Street, Philadelphia PA

Top 10: Most Expensive Homes Sold in March 2014

With the month of March behind us, we wanted to see what the…
April 9, 2014/by Tyler J. Morrison
Website under construction

Please Excuse The Mess – Website Overhaul

Fellow and Future Philadelphians, We would like to apologize…
April 2, 2014/by Tyler J. Morrison
Market8 Philadelphia

The Casino Debate in Philadelphia

There is a battle going on in Philadelphia for who will get the…
January 27, 2014/by Tyler J. Morrison
Genos South Philadelphia

South Philadelphia: New Interest in an Old Neighborhood

South Philadelphia, historically known as Philadelphia’s thriving…
January 24, 2014/by Tyler J. Morrison
Luxury Condominium in Philadelphia

Buying In Philadelphia: Condos Vs. Townhomes

If you’re in the market to purchase in Philadelphia, you’re…
January 20, 2014/by Tyler J. Morrison
Philadelphia Historic Home

Own A Piece of Philadelphia History: Historic Real Estate Opportunities

Philadelphia’s historic past is a major draw for buyers and…
January 16, 2014/by Tyler J. Morrison

10 Most Expensive Homes Sold in Center City Philadelphia 2013

The results are in. Below you will find the top ten most expensive…
January 13, 2014/by Tyler J. Morrison
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